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Name:Loki Odinson
Birthdate:Jan 21

Son of Odin and brother to Thor
Stolen from Jotunheim as a child and raised on Asgard as Æsir
God of mischief and chaos

This Loki is an odd sort of jumble of Marvel and Norse mythology
Default is post-movie, but open to playing at any point in time, really

While on Earth, unless he's in the midst of battle with the Avengers,
Loki goes by Leif Lyesmith, poses as someone who works in the stock market,
and wears clothes fitting of a well-off business man
Lots of pinstriped, well-tailored suits, unless he's in a club or a bar of some sort
Then it's all silk shirts and leather pants
He's the God of Lies and Mischief, he can blend in well enough, where he wants to

Mun is over eighteen, muse is well over eighteen
No infringement intended, just for pretendy-funtimes
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